Corporate Publishing

Corporate publications are an effective way to motivate staff, build up customer loyalty and acquire potential customers. We currently design, create and publish more than 15 periodicals for business partners, end customers and staff. These publications range from an eight-page newsletter to a 64-page trade journal, with circulations varying from 1,000 to 340,000. They appear in a number of different languages, from German to Chinese. And, in this digital age, it goes without saying that these printed magazines are also supported by e-journals, microsites, blogs, Facebook pages and mobile apps.

CC is a member of the Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP). Click here to see our profile on the forum website.

CC is ranked one of Germany's top 5 agencies in the corporate pubishing sector (source: Pfeffers PR-Ranking 2011).

Our services:

    • Customer publications
    • Staff publications
    • Brochures
    • Interlinking of traditional and digital CP instruments

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