Teamplayers wanted

If you want to keep in shape, we suggest jogging. If you want to keep your grey matter in shape, though, we recommend joining our agency which specialises in communications consultation and public relations work. No matter what the position, there are always three qualities topping our wish list: intellectual flexibility, self-initiative, and total reliability.

Current positions available:


[Translate to Englisch:] Volontariat

Wenn Sie Schreibtalent mitbringen, selbstständig arbeiten können, verschiedene Branchen,
Themen und Kunden kennenlernen wollen und keine Angst vor technisch komplexen Themen
haben, sind Sie bei uns richtig – und nach 24 Monaten fit für eine Position als Redakteur oder
Junior-Berater. Wir schulen Sie intensiv in allen Kommunikationsdisziplinen: Konzeption und Beratung, Medienarbeit, Corporate Publishing, Online-PR und Multi-Channel-Management. Einen guten, spannenden Schreibstil entwickeln Sie bei uns durch Schreiben, Schreiben, Schreiben.

Student employment

Some students learn about life in the real world by working as a waiter. It’s one way of supplementing your student income, but does not provide you with the kind of experience that looks good on your CV. If you’re prepared to work 10 hours or more per week at CC as a student helper, you will not only finish up with some extra cash in your pocket but also some skills and experience that will come in handy further down the track.


The test track for future employees. If you’re looking for some practical experience to break up your studies and you’re keen to taste life in a busy agency for at least three months, then let us know. If you’ve got the right personality and prospects, we’ve got the traineeship.

Send your application by post to:

Markus Engel
Communication Consultants GmbH
Jurastraße 8
70565 Stuttgart

Or by email:

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