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News Navigators (NN)

is a subsidiary and partner agency of Communication Consultants. It helps companies harness the full potential of electronic media. The team of web designers and software developers creates web presences perfectly tailored to customers' or target groups' needs using complex CMS-based websites, online marketing (SEO & SEM), social media optimization and social media newsrooms.

NN is also the company behind BaseTechs, a software package used to manage communications processes. Find out more about the agency's services and references at:

CC Canada

is a subsidiary of Communication Consultants with an office in Toronto. Our team specializes in communications strategies for the North American market. CC Canada delivers results-based creative solutions for European companies which are active on the other side of the Atlantic. We also support Canadian and American companies to reach their customers and stakeholders in Europe.

Global network

For our international customers, we work – sometimes in the role of lead agency – as part of a global network of owner-managed agencies that share our key strengths and focus on similar topics and themes.

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