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Vitamin CC Invigorating companies with creative communications


CC as in Communication Consultants We all know vitamins are essential for a healthy body -- they help convert food into energy and strengthen the body's defences. In much the same way, professional communication is indispensable to the success of your company or organization: spreading the word about products and services, communicating a positive image to customers and opinion leaders, and motivating staff. We work with you to develop and successfully implement communication systems. Whether conceptual design and consulting, traditional media work, online communication or corporate publishing -- everything we do comes with a healthy dose of Vitamin CC! CC is Communication Consultants Vitamins are essential for a healthy body. In much the same way, creative communications are indispensable to the success of your company or organization by spreading positive messages about your products and services to customers, stakeholders and employees. We are CC -- Communication Consultants -- and dedicated to improving your communications with a healthy dose of our Vitamin CC. But the real secret is the European flavour we bring to the table. It should be Communication Consultants. You are correct. That's the company name.

Energizing the sme story Large companies don't have exclusive rights to creating news headlines. At CC, we bring a new energy to boost the profile of small and medium enterprises through a healthy mix of communication disciplines that will grab your share of positive news. We understand how an ongoing successful campaign can open the doors to new customers, reinforce relationships with existing clients, attract the best new employees -- and increase the value proposition for investors. At CC, we know the value of SMEs to business media hungry for news: · · · · Success stories -- Many SMEs are leaders in their markets, characterized by entrepreneurship, new ideas and satisfied customers Close ties -- Media look favourably at local SMEs Face of the company -- Owner-managed companies bring a personal touch to telling their success story Values -- Innovation, flexibility, steady growth and stability are all hallmarks of successful SMEs

What CC offers you · · · Measurable results Working to budget, with cost transparency Superior client services

Boosting your immune system to cope with change Communications plays a critical role in helping companies and enterprises effectively implement change. Whether it is a strategic realignment, restructuring processes or a merger, crafting the right messages to manage these changes helps ensure customers and stakeholders are constantly updated, and employees are positively reinforced to adapt to the changes. Potential negative news due to product recalls, layoffs, workplace accidents or poor financial results can be managed with a clearly defined communications strategy that positively reinforces the long-term stability and reputation of your company or enterprise.

Communications is key in times of change · Employee buy-in is essential in times of change. Communications ensures employees have all the information they need to understand and have confidence in whatever changes are happening Face to face meetings and open dialogue with employees are an integral part of a successful communications plan during times of change Change calls for multiple channels to be engaged to keeping customers, stakeholders and employees up to date with ongoing developments and decisions Public relations programs to implement these communications strategies are cost-effective and measurable

How to ensure communications bear fruit Customers, employees, investors and the media -- each is a specific target group that demands the attention only a diversified communications strategy will ensure. At CC, we tailor your communications plan and messages to the needs and interests of each target group. Successful communications strategies require planning, market sector knowledge, strong media contacts and the creative team to turn the plan into a reality and bear fruit.

We recommend freshly squeezed At CC we take pride in squeezing fresh ideas to creatively solve today's increasingly complex communications challenges. We apply just the right amount of pressure through: Bringing the correct skills sets to the table, including conceptual thinking, industry expertise, traditional and new media expertise, as well as graphic design and presentation know-how Communications campaign project management and budgeting Flexibility and creativity required to develop communications solutions to meet the unique needs of each client

Concept and consultation Understanding the ultimate goal of each client is the starting point in any communications plan. Just as important is a benchmark to know when we've reached the goal. Once the goal has been established, we analyse which communications channels and strategies are best suited to appeal to your target groups, and the most efficient and cost-effective way to communicate your message. From this framework, we start planning tactics, timelines and budgets to create an implementation process to achieve the goal. Our services Consulting Communications analysis Communications strategies, concepts and systems Implementation and evaluation

[1] We advise and support power tool manufacturer Metabo in its strategic realignment, helping place greater focus on the construction and metal-working trades. [2] Panini -- known for the FIFA World Cup collectibles -- stands for much more than just collectors' stickers and cards. That's why we position Panini as Germany's biggest publisher of children's and teenage media. [3] In close cooperation with the Board of Management, CC supported the merger between Health Insurance Companies Schwenninger BKK and BKK BVM, with a focus on internal communication. [4] We are paving the way to Web 2.0 for the Bosch thermotechnology brand Junkers, focusing mainly on the microblogging website Twitter. [4]

Traditional media Today's traditional media is facing huge change because of the challenge from the burgeoning electronic and social media scene. Despite this climate of change, we believe the need to deliver to editors and reporters concise, clear messaging is more important than ever. At CC, we understand the credibility that positive media coverage brings to your products and services. We provide more than 20 years of experience to develop your messaging and produce news releases, feature stories and editorials that appeal to the appetite of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. The hallmark of CC is our ability to make (technically) complex topics easy to understand and present them in a highly readable format. Our services News releases and feature story development Technical articles External press office Media events such as news conferences and media tours Media tracking

[1] We organize news conferences (e.g. at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt) for the Thermotechnology division of Robert Bosch GmbH. Page 16 R E G I O N S & L O C AT I O N S CHEManager Europe 11­12/2010 Where Life Science Thrives Ontario Is a Popular Province for Pharma and Biotech Northern Exposure ­ When global companies expand into new countries, these firms often co-locate in local areas that are a business hub for other companies in the same industry. These hubs, or industry clusters, are regional concentrations of inter-connected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions that allow all of these companies to do business with each other efficiently. Ontario's $15 billion commercial life sciences cluster, based in the Toronto region, is an example. The availability of these business resources is a powerful draw for life sciences companies that want to access the lucrative North American market. The region is anchored by the city of Toronto and covers a 100-kilometer radius to include the cities of Hamilton, Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo. With over 700 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, the area is home to one of North America's largest commercial life sciences clusters. Expansion-minded companies recognize the value of locating where peer companies are already established. Thirty-two of the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies have Canadian headquarters here, along with dozens of small and medium firms. Many of these companies are geographically concentrated in Mississauga, a community just west of Toronto. The largest global medical device firms are also well represented in the region. 3M, Agfa HealthCare, Boston Scientific, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Siemens, and over 250 other companies are located in three hubs in Toronto, Mississauga and Markham, a community just north of Toronto. In addition to an experienced workforce of close to 40,000 people, international life science companies are well-served by an established base of business and support services. All the essential functions to support commercial operation are locally available, including more than 220 companies that provide specialized services for the life Sam Lee Director of Life Sciences and Health Care, Toronto Region Research Alliance sciences sector: research; clinical; manufacturing; sales and sales operations; marketing and market research; supply chain management; regulatory; and market access. Global logistics and distribution Integrated firms manage the unique requirements associated with the acquisition and transport of chemicals and temperature-controlled ingredients and products. Sector-specific services include cold chain storage and delivery, clinical trial supply logistics, and reverse logistics. Wholesale and retail channels are well-developed. Health care marketing The industry calls upon an extensive range of marketing, advertising and communications firms that specialize in prescription, over-the-counter and direct-toconsumer products. Graphic design, illustration, photography, direct mail, market research, and professional publication services are also available. [2] Focus MONEY reports on the strong performance of Schwenninger BKK. THE RHINE VIEW -- FOR COMPANIES THAT LOOK AHEAD. CHEMPARK ­ the right location for innovative materials. CHEMPARK is one of the most important locations in Europe for chemical and chemical-related businesses. Ideally situated along the Rhine, it offers perfect conditions for research into "innovative materials" along with their development and production, impressing with its variety of product networks, comprehensive portfolio of services and Pivotal North American location: One day drive or 60 minute flight to most major cities in the US Northeast and Midwest Physician education and training Two dozen suppliers develop and manage continuing health education (CHE)/continuing medical education (CME) symposia and events for the industry. Contract research Sixty contract or clinical research organizations (CROs) are located in the Toronto Region. These firms provide pre-clinical studies, study design, regulatory, patient Ontario Life Sciences Sector Revenue ($CAD) Pharma Medical Devices Biotech Source: Government of Ontario including: The Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics; Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network; The Centre for Applied Genomics; Structural Genomics Centre; Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research; and Industrial BioDevelopment Laboratory. McMaster University in nearby Hamilton is globally-recognized as a center of excellence in coordinating large, international clinical trials. Employees 15,500 22,000+ 5,000+ Companies 25+ 675+ 140+ 8.3B 4B 2.8B [3] A guest article in CHEManager Europe positions Ontario as a business hub for life sciences. [4] The Honourable Sandra Pupatello, Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade, being interviewed at VW's International Suppliers Fair. [3] monitoring, site management, biostatistics, data management, bio-analytical and medical writing services to meet the sector's needs. Manufacturing More than 30 contract manufacturing companies supply active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, and perform custom synthesis, purification and analysis. Packaging services for liquid, semi-solid and solid products include: site licenses and cGMP/ISO certification, encapsulation, tableting, blending, blistering, bottling, shrink wrapping, labeling, card sealing, cartoning, lot and date coding. Manufacturers also produce regular or small runs, first runs, pilot batches and experimental runs as well as packaging for clinical trials. Economic Stability and Positive Business Environment Canada's economy has weathered the economic downturn better than the other G7 countries and is expected to continue its relatively strong performance. In 2010, the World Economic Forum ranked Canada's stable and well-managed financial system as the soundest banking system in the world. In addition to a relatively strong and stable economy, Canada offers some of the most generous R&D tax incentives of any industrialized country, and corporate income and capital taxes are lower than in the U.S. With the fewest steps and shortest time required to set up an enterprise, companies will find a positive business climate. 2 Contact: high-performance infrastructure. This includes direct access of the three CHEMPARK sites Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen to the Rhine. Exceptional Research Infrastructure The pharmaceutical and medical device industry also benefits from a wide range of clinical, research and educational resources in the region. It is home to one of North America's largest health sciences complexes, with more than 60 hospitals, 37 medical institutions, 8,200 physicians and 54,000 health professionals. The University of Toronto and McMaster University medical schools have 12 affiliated research hospitals. Several state-of-the-art research facilities are located in Toronto's one-square mile Discovery District, Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG CHEMPARK 51368 Leverkusen www.chempark.de Powered by CURRENTA Sam Lee Toronto Region Research Alliance Toronto, Ontario, Canada Tel.: +1 416 673 6670 Fax: +1 416 673 6671 slee@trra.ca www.trra.ca chemanager-online.com/en/ tags/industrial-locations chemanager-online.com/en [5] Consumer tips with graphics for customers such as thermotechnology brands Buderus and Junkers are well received by the general interest press.

Corporate publishing Corporate publications offer companies and organizations one huge advantage over independent media -- you control the message, the look and the feel of the publication. This is a key benefit in effectively communicating with customers, prospects, employees and other stakeholders. At CC, we have a long history in Corporate Publishing. Currently, we design, create and publish more than 15 periodicals that range from 8-page newsletters to a 64-page trade magazine. These reach audiences varying from 1,000 to 340,000. And, in this digital age, it goes without saying that these printed magazines are also supported by e-journals, microsites, blogs, Facebook pages and mobile apps. Our services Customer publications Employee publications Brochures Interlinking of traditional and digital CP instruments

[1] Customer publications: blinklicht is the customer magazine of ATR SERVICE GmbH for the automotive industry. The Buderus magazine is addressing specialist heating firms. The new trade journal from Siemens caters for decisionmakers in the solar industry. [2] Employee publications: The employee magazine ZOOM boosts the exchange of information between the two companies in the MinolZENNER Group. For Bosch, CC produces the magazines of the Gasoline Systems and Chassis Systems Control divisions, for example. [3] Brochures: The Bosch Abstatt location combines economy with ecology. Schwenninger BKK publishes a sustainability report. Panini dispatches press albums that are quite unique.

Online communications Having your own website is now an essential ingredient in any successful communications strategy. Along with social media, blogging and tweeting, the online world plays a key role in delivering your message to a wired world. CC develops solutions for clients that take online communications to a new level -- one where your message and overall communications strategy always take precedence over dazzling technology trends. Our services Websites and intranet solutions (CMS-based) Social media newsrooms Company blogs, forums and communities Mobile media and apps E-mail newsletters Podcasts and vodcasts, corporate films and videos Creation and updating of social media accounts Online monitoring and evaluation Search engine optimization (SEO) Search engine marketing (SEM)

[1] [1] Schwenninger BKK utilizes many online channels and links the online edition of its customer magazine with several podcast series and its own Twitter and Facebook accounts. [2] The newsroom of Communication Consultants brings together the latest information and all the agency's social media activities. [2] [3] meine-meisterhaft-website.de, kfz-leibfritz.de Communication Consultants and News Navigators develop website packages for the 2,300 automotive workshops and specialist trading partners of ATR SERVICE GmbH.

It's all in the mix CC employs a multi-channel strategy in all the communications plans developed for clients. The key is to deliver the right information to each target audience by identifying the most effective communication discipline. We choose from a basket of delivery methods ­ public relations, media relations, corporate publications and newsletters, direct marketing, traditional advertising and online communications. Whether one, two or all of these channels are employed to deliver a successful communications campaign, consistent messaging and corporate identity is rigorously maintained.

Creating the right chemistry We talk about customers and agencies, but ultimately it all comes down to real people working together. CC is the creation of Markus Engel and Hubert Heinz who will bring the talents of a team of more than 30 communications consultants, designers and e-media experts to bear fruit for our Canadian clients. [1] Markus Engel His area of expertise is communication in both theory and practice. Having studied communications, business and psychology at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Markus Engel worked in the press offices of Bosch, Siemens and IBM. He then became a partner at the agency PR Partner GmbH Societät für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit in Munich. In 1989, he set up a branch of PR Partner in Stuttgart, which he ran until 1996. In 1997, he founded Communication Consultants with Hubert Heinz. In his free time, he enjoys archery, skiing, tennis, travelling around Canada and going to the theatre. [2] Hubert Heinz Hubert Heinz began his career as an economist (University of Hohenheim) and journalist before making the switch to a passionate PR expert. After working as an intern and editor at Schwäbische Zeitung, Heinz took up a post as a correspondent for the well known media Die Welt and dpa. He then went on to work as a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines such as FAZ, ZEIT, WirtschaftsWoche and Rheinischer Merkur, before joining forces with Markus Engel to found Communication Consultants. Heinz likes to ski and play the guitar in his spare time. He also gives live performance with his band.

CC at a glance Years of experience working with European and international clients have positioned Communication Consultants to deliver result-based creative solutions to reaching your customers and stakeholders. The growth of the virtual office brings all of our talent in our German home office to bear fruit for our clients in Ontario and North America. · · · · · · · Communication Consultants Founded in 1997 Owner-managed company Managing Partners: Markus Engel and Hubert Heinz 30 employees Focused on business-to-business communication Lectureship in online business communication at the University of Stuttgart Hohenheim Partner of Stuttgart Media University Key sectors: Automotive & Mobility Energy & Environment IT & Communications Building & Homes Health & Society Media & Services No. 1 PR agency in German Province (Federal State) Baden-Württemberg* Among the top ten agencies in Germany for automotive and mobility, buildings and homes, media and publishing, corporate publishing and internal communication* Member of the Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP), German Public Relations Association (DPRG, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Public Relations) and Association of German Journalists (DJV, Deutscher Journalisten Verband) * Source: W&V, Pfeffers PR-Ranking 2009, 2010

News Navigators News Navigators (NN) is a subsidiary and partner agency of Communication Consultants. It helps companies harness the full potential of electronic media. The team of web designers and software developers creates web presences perfectly tailored to customers' or target groups' needs using complex CMS-based websites, online marketing (SEO & SEM), social media optimization and social media newsrooms. We're your one-stop solution to today's increasingly technically complex electronic media opportunities.

Selected references: iPoint Would you like to see more examples of our work? For a concentrated dose of vitamin CC visit: agenturforum.cc/references

Photography: CC iStockphoto Fotolia Text/Graphic design: CC Litho: Herzog Reprotechnik For more vitamin CC, please contact: North America | Toronto Office Markus Engel, engel@newsoffice.cc, Phone +1 416 - 598-7107 Europe | Stuttgart Office Hubert Heinz, heinz@postamt.cc, Phone +49 711 - 9 78 93-21

Engel & Heinz Communication Consultants Corporation 480 University Ave, Suite 1500 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2, Canada Phone +1 (416) 598-71 07 Fax +1 (416) 598-18 40 cc@newsoffice.cc www.CommunicationConsultants.cc Communication Consultants GmbH Engel & Heinz Jurastraße 8 70565 Stuttgart, Germany Phone +49 (711) 9 78 93-0 Fax +49 (711) 9 78 93-44 cc@postamt.cc www.CommunicationConsultants.de