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Case studies for Junkers / Bosch Thermotechnology

User reports and case studies are designed to showcase Junkers' technology. Investment decisions often depend on successful reference projects. CC researches, writes and photographs reference applications implemented by the thermotechnology expert Junkers.  The technical level of these articles is geared towards the relevant target media. A specialist article on the heating and hot water concept for an apartment house puts the focus on the technology, providing important information for heating experts and planners, for example. In contrast, the example of a geothermal heat pump in a single-family home can be tailored to owners and property developers who want to use eco-friendly heating concepts without compromising on comfort. For both target groups – experts and lay persons – case studies are an important and valued source of information and a key decision-making aid.

Services: Research, text copy, photography, coordination of a specialist article/case study

Target groups: Experts such as heating engineers, planners and architects as well as owners and property developers

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