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Integrated communication for a Junkers project / Bosch Thermotechnology

The “Hotel im Kornspeicher” project in Marburg used numerous media channels. This was a reference project that allowed Junkers to display its full range of expertise for heating, hot water and sustainability through the use of renewable energies. CC pulled out all the PR stops, organizing a press conference, performing PR work for the trade press and the local/regional daily press, creating a project report, producing a web film, providing rough cut material for TV stations, producing audio material for radio, providing the content for a Junkers microsite on the environment and sustainability, setting up media partnerships, etc. This integrated approach ensures that key target groups are provided with information tailored to their requirements. These activities generate the best possible publicity for Junkers in key media channels.

Services: Press conference organization, press releases, reference reports, video podcasts, TV and radio material, media partnerships

Target groups: All media channels relevant to Junkers

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