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meisterheft, CHECKHEFT, autoPILOT / ATR

The magazines “meisterheft”, “CHECKHEFT” and “autoPILOT” provide information for drivers in a format that is fresh, interesting and easy to understand. They are published three times a year by ATR SERVICE GmbH for its concept partners with the aim of strengthening the workshop brands Meisterhaft and AC AUTO CHECK and the dealer brand autoPARTNER. The magazines keep customers of the partner companies up to date with issues relating to cars, driving and workshops. Technical topics, such as particulate filters and driver assistance systems, are explained so they can also be understood by people with less experience. Travel reports, cultural tips, puzzles and anecdotes provide for high quality entertainment. Communication Consultants redesigned the magazines at the start of 2008 and now supervises the publication process, taking in everything from the identification of suitable topics to design and editorial work and print supervision. Articles are researched and photographed in cooperation with and at the workshops to underline their professionalism. Owners have the option of personalizing their magazines by adding their own editorial, for example.


Service: Customer magazine

Target groups: Drivers, customers of ATR concept partners

Total circulation: 340,000

Frequency of publication: 3 times a year

Length: 28 pages each

Language: German

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