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Podcast: “Wir wollen's wissen” / Schwenninger BKK

Does eating in the evening make you fat? Does salt raise your blood pressure? Does chocolate really make you happy? The podcast series “Wir wollen’s wissen” (We want to know) provides answers to these – and many more – questions. Schwenninger BKK investigates old wives' tales on health matters and asks passers-by in pedestrian precincts in Germany what they think.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always informative, this podcast highlights different viewpoints on topics such as exercise, nutrition and relaxation – and always uncovers the truth. Communication Consultants developed the concept and is responsible for editing and producing the audio reports.

Service: Podcast

Target groups: Customers of Schwenninger BKK, consumers, potential customers, anyone interested in healthcare, radio stations

Frequency of publication: 6 times a year

Language: German


Latest episode and archive

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