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PR for 2010 World Cup in South Africa / Panini

Communication Consultants got journalists in Germany in the mood for the start of Panini sticker fever for the 2010 Soccer World Cup by presenting them with a press collector's album. Panini Verlags GmbH hired CC in March 2010. The company broke new PR ground from the very first joint project, which involved PR work for the Panini sticker album for the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Instead of a press kit, 400 German editorial teams (print, online, blogs, TV, radio) were sent a Panini press collector's album. The 20-page album also included a press CD and press photos in the form of a small collection of stickers. The agency also acted as the external press office for Panini before and during the World Cup, keeping the media informed of the latest sales developments and campaigns. On social networks, CC hosted dialog between collectors of Panini stickers. The response was overwhelming. Virtually all media in Germany let their readers or listeners share in the passion for sticker collecting, an activity that has gained something of a cult following.

Services: Media work (press support, press releases, evaluation), corporate publishing (limited-edition press album with sticker collection featuring press photos)

Target groups: All types of media (print, online incl. blogs, TV, radio)


Examples of the media coverage can be found here

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