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Solar Decathlon house 2007 / Bosch Thermotechnology

A team of architecture students from the Technical University in Darmstadt headed by Prof. Manfred Hegger won the renowned U.S. “Solar Decathlon” competition at the end of 2007. The award-winning solar house impressed the judges, above all, with its energy efficiency and its architectural design. As one of the three main sponsors and advisor for technical building issues, Bosch Thermotechnology played an important part in this success. The “Solar Decathlon house” was built on the grounds of the Bosch headquarters in Gerlingen in the summer of 2008. Associates, business partners, interested experts and journalists were invited to tour the building. Bosch Thermotechnology tasked Communication Consultants with developing the communication concept for the solar house and implementing the individual measures.

Services: Communication concept, information boards in front of the house, flyers for visitors, PR work, fact sheets, press day, photo shoots

Target groups: Visitors to the solar house, journalists, industry professionals, end customers

Languages: German and English


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