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Focus on SolarIndustry / Siemens

Focus on SolarIndustry, the title of the company's new magazine, is bang on trend. The solar industry is currently a hot topic for Siemens and many other companies, too. It serves as a beacon of hope for the energy turnaround and climate protection, as an object of state-funded subsidy policies and, above all, as an economic factor. Siemens (specifically Industry, Automation & Drive Technologies) publishes this 40-page specialist magazine to draw the attention of decision-makers in the solar industry to the benefits of automation and drive technology along the entire value-added chain. The magazine was presented to the public for the first time at Intersolar in San Francisco (United States) in mid-July 2010. It is published in German and English with a total circulation of 35,000 copies. The print publication is augmented with an online edition and supplementary content.

Service: Customer magazine (design, editorial work, layout, prepress)

Target groups: Decision-makers in the solar industry, potential customers

Circulation: 35,000

Frequency of publication: Once a year

Length: 40 pages

Languages: German, English

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