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ZOOM / Minol and ZENNER

Minol and ZENNER are two long-established companies that joined forces as the Minol-ZENNER Group in November 2005. ZOOM is published four times a year in German and English for the 1,900 employees in the Minol-ZENNER Group around the world. It is designed to encourage the exchange of information between the two companies, which specialize in different areas. ZENNER is responsible for energy technology (measuring instruments and systems), while Minol focuses on energy management (billing services). A further challenge is the Group's international make-up. Minol and ZENNER have subsidiaries and sales partners in 60 countries. This magazine therefore aims to factor in the different interests and cultural aspects of employees around the world. Communication Consultants provides comprehensive support for ZOOM. Its services take in everything from the identification of suitable topics and editorial work to graphic design and monitoring the print process.

Service: Staff magazine

Frequency of publication: 4 times a year

Length: 8 pages

Languages: German, English

Corporate Publishing

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