Customers Medienarbeit

Sectors: Building & homes
Benefits: Concept & consultation, Media work

The Metabo GmbH in Nürtingen is a traditional manufacturer of power tools and supplier of accessory equipment for skilled craftsmen. Under its brand name, Metabo offers a full-range of machines and accessories to its core target groups of metal craftsmanship professionals, the metal industry and the construction and renovation trades. Founded in 1924 in Nürtingen, Metabo is now a medium-sized company which manufactures in Shanghai, China in addition to its plant in Nürtingen. 23 distribution companies and more than 100 importers ensure a strong international presence. Metabo has 1,800 employees worldwide. The company generated 348 million EUR of sales revenue in 2013. CC supports Metabo in its corporate and product PR activities.



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